The Organisers

The Belgian Solar Day is organised by Becquerel Institute, EDORA, ODE and Techlink.

The Becquerel institute is a research and consulting company based in Brussels which operates globally. It provides research and advisory services to private companies as well as to public and institutional organisations in the field of renewable energies and photovoltaic electricity in particular.

EDORA is the federation of companies developing products and services in link with the energy transition. They federate economic players active in the field of renewable energies (such as wind, photovoltaics, hydroelectric, biomass, biogas …) but also the sustainable management of energy and smart grids.
EDORA’s members include energy producers, installers, OEMs, project developers, consulting firms, associations, as well as suppliers of various and innovative “energy services”.


ODE,  the Organisation for Sustainable Energy (Organisatie Duurzame Energie)  brings together more than three hundred companies, knowledge centers, universities and organisations in technology platforms and working groups, to exchange knowledge and to encourage common interest. ODE is the main stakeholder on renewable energy for the governments concerned.

Techlink is part of the Construction Confederation, the main federation in the building sector in Belgium. With this coordinating organisation, it represents your company at local, regional, national and European level. Techlink is also involved in many organisations in the installation and building sectors bringing different stakeholders together. Technicians, manufacturers, schools and other influential parties foster cooperation through Techlink.