The Belgian Solar Network is THE annual national event for the Belgian PV sector.
The Belgian Solar Network is organised by APERe and Becquerel Institute with the support of ODE.

APERe (the Association for the Promotion of Renewable Energies) is a Belgian independent association that works for the development of renewable energy in a context of rational energy use. Active since 1991, APERe has earned recognition from regional, national and European public authorities. The association helps citizens and territories to reach a greater, sustainable, environment-friendly and solidary energy autonomy.


The Becquerel institute is a research and consulting company based in Brussels and operates globally. It provides research and advisory services to private companies as well as to public and institutional organisations in the field of renewable energies and photovoltaic electricity in particular.


ODE,  the Organisation for Sustainable Energy (Organisatie Duurzame Energie)  brings together more than three hundred companies, knowledge centers, universities and organizations in technology platforms and workgroups, to exchange knowledge and to promote interest. ODE is the main stakeholder on renewable energy for the governments concerned.